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"We wake up neutral and trade the trend.”

Z - The Traveling Trader

Many traders only know how to trade when the market is doing well. By joining us, you’ll get carefully curated trade alerts – including options – which can enable you to profit in nearly any market condition. Best of all, the alerts are sent in real-time, not part of a dirty “pump-and-dump” scheme – so you can act on them, fast.

Option Trading Courses

24/7 Trade Alerts

Join now and get actionable trade alerts direct from The Traveling Trader, 24/7.

Tips & Strategies

When you join, you’ll also get access to our Discord group, a trading focused quality driven platform organized to optimize your learning. You will get to interact with our analyst and traders from around the globe at all experience levels. You’ll learn and benefit from others’ ideas, strategies and picks.

Coaching Calls With Analysts

The Traveling Trader hosts interactive calls each month focused on full analysis, options, day trading, crypto and anything trading related that our members would like to discuss. Our active community is always in attendance, making these sessions invaluable, so you can take your trading to the next level.

Coach’s Corner

If you’re just starting out with stocks, options, futures or crypto, the Coach’s Corner is for you. You’ll get assistance with strategies and approaches, while learning the basic foundation every trader needs.

Get high-probability trade signals based on technical and fundamental analysis – never a hunch.

Sure, there are other traders out there who can teach you how to trade. But many of them rely on automated bulk signals. With the Traveling Trader, you’ll get hand-selected, carefully curated, high-probability trade signals based on technical and fundamental analysis – never a hunch. Best of all, you’ll get alerts for multiple markets, including stocks, options, futures and crypto.

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