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Our trade signals are carefully curated and are entirely based on sound technical and fundamental analysis. While others rely on automated bulk signals we focus more on quality and profitability, while maintaining a high success rate.

Nowhere else will you get alerts for multiple markets including stocks, crypto, options, ETFs and more. Our analysis is backed by over two decades of trading experience. We didn’t just start trading during the 2017 crypto bull run.

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Daily Alerts

24/7 alerts sent in real time...not after an asset already pumps like some dishonest actors out there.

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Tips & Strategies

Along with the alerts you get to engage with hundreds of other traders of all backgrounds and experience levels. It's an open forum where we bounce questions, trade ideas, strategies, and picks off of each other.

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Interactive Voice Chats

As a Diamond member The Traveling Trader hosts interactive voice chats where members are free to discuss any and all trading topics that come to mind. These are invaluable sessions meant to take your trading to the next level.

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1-on-1 Training

If you're truly wanting to invest in yourself and take your trading/technical analysis to the next level, there is no substitute for 1-on-1 real time training. It is single-handedly the fastest way to accelerate your skills.

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Diamond Traders Group

$ 39
  • Stocks Trade Alerts
  • Options Trade Alerts
  • Private Trading Group on Discord
  • Access to my portfolio updates
  • Post live-stream chat

Diamond Traders Group
(Best Value!)

$ 29
  • All the benefits of the Diamond Traders group at a 20% discount!

Executive Traders Group

$ 995
  • All The Benefits of Diamond Plus:
  • 1-on-1 Consultation With Me (Three 1-hour video/audio sessions)
  • Technical Analysis Training
  • Help With Trading Strategies & Techniques

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