We Are All About Trading

Let’s be honest, trading is a tough game! It requires patience, impulse control, technical skills, and experience.

Whether your goal is to generate an additional revenue stream, retire and become a full-time trader, or simply take your trading to the next level we are here for you.

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Meet the traveling trader, Zach (thetravelingtrader.com)

About The Traveling Trader

For most of my life I knew that two things were true: 1) I wanted to trade full time and 2) I wanted to travel full time. I was determined to get there.

I busted my ass through finance school while pushing carts at Target, I was kicked out of grad school for not being able to pay my tuition, working at various 9-to-5s thereafter, going through 2 major market crashes, learning about market risk the hard way (and almost lost everything in the process)….combine that with 20 years of trading experience… all of that has led me here. 

And now my goal is to impart that knowledge and experience onto others. I am not a guru or a know-it-all but I do understand trading and risk like the two words were tattooed on my forehead. 

Benefits of Joining Trade Alerts

Private Trading Group

Our private trading group is where the trade alerts are sent. It is also where our traders discuss strategies, ideas, analysis, and market information.

Live Market Information

The Discord server has multiple bots that distribute live market information throughout the day, 24/7. Traders also share market information and news continuously in the private trading group.

Real-time Trade Alerts

The trade alerts are real-time and are backed by human analysis. Each alert, whether stocks, crypto, or options is selectively picked with a focus on optimal entries and a high reward to risk ratio.

1-on-1 Training

If you want to take your charting and trading to the next level the best way to learn is via 1-on-1 training. These are conducted over video conference and screen share and is the absolute most efficient way to learn.


Trade Alerts Subscription Plans

Diamond Traders Group

$ 39
  • Stocks Trade Alerts
  • Options Trade Alerts
  • Private Trading Group on Discord
  • Access to my portfolio updates
  • Post live-stream chat

Diamond Traders Group
(Best Value!)

$ 29
  • All the benefits of the Diamond Traders group at a 20% discount!

Executive Traders Group

$ 995
  • All The Benefits of Diamond Plus:
  • 1-on-1 Consultation With Me (Three 1-hour video/audio sessions)
  • Technical Analysis Training
  • Help With Trading Strategies & Techniques

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