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You’re already trading. Now, let The Traveling Trader’s expertise, education and online community give you the power to take your trading to the next level, and profit in any market condition.

The most powerful trade alerts anywhere

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Access to a Private Trading Group

This exclusive group – the Traders Group – is where experienced traders discuss strategies, ideas, analysis and market information on our online platform via Discord. You’ll benefit from both listening and participating.

LIVE Market Information

Within the private trading group (on Discord) we run AI-driven bots that distribute live trade ideas throughout the course of the day, 24/7. Group members can share news and reactions to the information right as it comes in.

Real-time Trade Alerts

Real-time, actionable trade alerts – powered by human analysis. Whether you’re dealing with stocks, options, futures or crypto – each alert is selectively picked with a focus on optimal entries and a high reward-to-risk ratio.

Trade up to Immersive Coaching

If you’re looking to truly strengthen your skills outside of a group, The Traveling Trader offers Immersive Coaching. These small-group, intensive coaching sessions have a limited number of seats so don’t wait – apply now to avoid being waitlisted. Invest in yourself, it’s worth it.

Ready to take the first step? Click here to schedule your 1:1 conversation with our Academy Ambassadors who will answer questions and get your application started. Don’t wait: In order to keep our Zoom calls productive and approachable, the number of seats at the Academy is extremely limited. View our calendar to make an appointment today.

Trade in your "Hunches" for High-quality Trade Signals

The Traveling Trader curates trade signals based on 20+ years of trading, as well as sound technical and fundamental analysis. We focus on quality and profitability – not automated bulk signals. In fact, nowhere else will you get alerts for multiple markets, including stocks, options, futures and crypto.

Plus, you’ll always have FREE access to my YouTube channel, where I post helpful videos like “How to use the RSI indicator,” plus timely tips like “The 3 Best Stocks to Buy This Month” and “What Happens to Your Twitter Stocks and Options Now (after Elon Musk bought Twitter).” Are you ready to join us?

Benefits of Joining Trade Alerts

Our trade signals are carefully curated and are entirely based on sound technical and fundamental analysis. While others rely on automated bulk signals we focus more on quality and profitability, while maintaining a high success rate.

Daily Alerts

24/7 alerts sent in real time...not after an asset already pumps like some dishonest actors out there.

Coaching Calls With Analysts

The Traveling Trader hosts interactive calls each month focused on full analysis, options, day trading, crypto and anything trading related that our members would like to discuss. Our active community is always in attendance, making these sessions invaluable, so you can take your trading to the next level.

#1 Trade Signals Anywhere

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Take control with the right guidance

The Traveling Trader's Community

1 on 1 Lunch With Z

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