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Join the Traveling Trader’s Academy

If you’re ready to strap in and become the best, most consistent trader possible, join The Traveling Trader’s Academy. This exclusive portfolio of courses, resources and tools will help you learn trading strategies for stocks, options, futures and crypto – and give you the technical skills for trading them all. A one-time investment in the lifetime Tier buys you a lifetime membership to the courses – and the community – that will help you level-up your trading skills and trade stronger.


The Traveling Trader

TTT Academy Options Course

Lifetime Course Access - $397.00

The Academy: the gold-standard of trading instruction

The Traveling Trader believes that group learning is the key to success. That’s why in addition to the online tools you’ll receive – videos and helpful links and tips to extend your learning experience – you’ll also gain lifetime access to a limitless number of exclusive resources like these:

Learn through group chats with like-minded traders, how to Trade Options the Right Way.

Every day, you’ll be invited to chat with The Traveling Trader and other Academy members on the Private Discord Mastermind channel – a private, elite forum that’s literally changing the trading industry.


You’ll also gain select access to a monthly group Zoom call with The Traveling Trader, where members can ask questions, bounce ideas and collaborate with other Academy members.

More content and courses coming.

In addition to our options course, we’re adding other not-to-be missed courses, including day trading and technical analysis. And you’ll have lifetime access when you join the Academy, so the possibilities for learning are never-ending!

Ready to take the first step? Click here to schedule your 1:1 conversation with our Academy Ambassadors who will answer questions and get your application started. Don’t wait: In order to keep our Zoom calls productive and approachable, the number of seats at the Academy is extremely limited. View our calendar to make an appointment today.

Day Trading Course

NEW! Are you wondering how much of your portfolio you should risk for a day trade? Then the Day Trading Course is for you. Offered exclusively through The Traveling Trader’s Academy, this all-new course is designed to help traders who have basic technical knowledge and are confident in their charting, but want to trade stronger through day trading.

Note: Traders who aren’t experienced in Options trading have found they’re better prepared for this course by taking the Options course first.

With our self-paced, self-guided online course, you’ll gain vital insights such as:

  • The bid-ask spread explained
  • Why we only trade liquid options
  • How to scan for options
  • Which expiration dates to pick
  • How to set up your own chart

… and so much more.

With the Day Trading Course, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about the two main types of day trading strategies – breakout trading and supply-and-demand trading. You’ll understand when to take profits and when to cut your losses, and you’ll also learn how to mix and match these strategies for more advanced trading and profitability. This information will prove to be invaluable for years to come.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn about risk/reward and position size management. You’ll discover that it’s NOT about hitting home runs every time, but rather, becoming a more consistent trader by sticking to your strategy.

Do you want in? Learn how to day trade options with The Traveling Trader’s Academy.

More Value from the Academy

Beyond the seven information-rich modules, the Day Trading Course also delivers helpful links for day traders including stock market research, news, analyst forecasts and tip ranks.

New to the Blockchain?

If you’ve just started dealing with crypto, Academy members also get links to vetted tools and platforms – like a hardware wallet and information on high-interest, BlockFi accounts. These are third-party sites and services that I personally use and recommend exclusively to Academy members.

Ready to Day Trade Options?

If you aren’t sure about your positions… if you’re struggling with whether your chart setups are valid… if you’re getting faked out… you need this course. I have poured decades of experience into this exclusive course, and I’m proud to be able to teach it to you. Let my past risks be your reward – join us.

Options Course

Invest in yourself with The Traveling Trader’s Academy

“An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest.”
-Ben Franklin

Here’s a fact for you: Less than 1% of traders know how to trade options. Why? Because they’re intimidated. They don’t even know where to start. That’s why I created an Options Course, designed to give you the information and strategies you need to become a powerful and successful options trader. This is just one of the courses offered through The Traveling Trader’s Academy. It’s elite. It’s premium. It’s robust. But how do you know it’s for you?

Do you:
  • Want a side income?
  • Want to become a full-time trader?
  • Need more income to travel?
  • Need more income to reach your goals?
If you answered YES, then learning how to trade options with The Traveling Trader’s Academy is for you.

Harness the Power of Options Trading

Learn how to Trade Options the Right Way

There’s a science behind Options trading – a science I have studied, mastered and want to share with you. This goes well beyond hunches and gut feelings, it’s a tried and true methodology.

Understand Options Like Never Before

When you join The Traveling Trader’s Academy, you’ll gain a solid foundation and understand the key fundamentals of options. And you’ll learn a number of strategies that you can apply now – and into the future.

Become Part of the 1%

If you’re not trading options because you’re intimidated, we’re here to give you the confidence you need. My years of expertise, research and evaluating options has allowed me to create this course – and teach it to you. We’re all in it to win it.

Is the Academy for you?

Are you driven to trade better? Do you want to be a more consistent trader? Are you looking for another income stream so you can live your life the way you want to? The Academy is an intensive learning experience for traders with a passion for trading and a drive for success. Does this sound like you? Then join us.

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99 Per Month
  • Partial Course
  • $150 For Referral​
  • Mini Course For Newbies


$ 199
99 Per Month
  • Private Discord Mastermind
  • $150 For Referral
  • Most Suitable For Academy

Get Started with the Academy

Ready to take the first step? Click here to schedule your 1:1 conversation with our Academy Ambassadors who will answer questions and get your application started. Don’t wait: In order to keep our Zoom calls productive and approachable, the number of seats at the Academy is extremely limited. View our calendar to make an appointment today.


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