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Last Week’s Market Activity

Although we broke a terrible red streak last week, it came back with a vengeance this week, with the Nasdaq down 2.09%, the S&P down 1.54%, the Russell down a whopping 3.44%, and the Dow down a measly 1.01%. We may be in for another rough week this week, as we have a couple of very large companies reporting earnings as well as some important economic data releases!

Macroeconomic Indicators

Last week was rather quiet in terms of macroeconomic indicators. However, we have been seeing some great indicators in the public markets. It seems that executives are slowly beginning to take companies public again, with the restaurant chain CAVA going public just a couple of months ago and now ARM going public this Thursday. While these aren’t the largest IPOs ever, these are IPOs that are pretty notable, given how quiet the space has been for the past year or so.

Upcoming Market Catalysts

This week, we have some very important economic data releases, with CPI on Wednesday and PPI on Thursday. While we all know the preferred inflation metric of the Fed is PCE, it’s still important to pay attention to these metrics, as they will move markets in a major way. It’s also important to note that we’ll get information on retail sales on Thursday, which will help give us a better idea of how consumers are faring and whether or not they are spending their money.

Notable Earnings Releases

Despite the broader slowdown in earnings season, we still have some very large companies reporting this week, such as:

09/11 – Oracle Corporation (ORCL)
09/14 – Adobe Inc. (ADBE)

It’ll be important to pay attention to what Oracle and Adobe have to say this week. Since both companies are business-to-business giants, they will be able to give us a great idea of how companies of all shapes and sizes are spending amid these confusing economic times. It will also be interesting to hear what they have to say about the recent AI advancements they have made.

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